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Would you still buy a brand-name bag without LOGO?

time:2021-11-18 Views:227

, The most valuable part of the famous brand bag, I think it is its brand, that is, the LOGO. As you all know, you can't help but care about the various logos when you buy a brand-name bag. But if the LOGO of the big-name bags is removed, would you still buy it? Many big-name bags have a trend of de-LOGOization, and it is becoming more and more obvious. They want to use classic designs to retain consumers. Even Louis Vuitton, which loves LOGO, has also launched bags that are not easy to see LOGO such as Alma. .

"Fendi's bags have become so fresh, much more beautiful than before." In fact, the secret to becoming "good-looking" is that many big names have removed the proud LOGO. Fendi counters have a lot of full leather bags, the design is very simple, almost no LOGO can be found on the bag, and the previous Fendi bags gave the impression of "big canvas material LOGO" image.

Would you still buy a brand-name bag without LOGO?(图1)

In the new bag series just released, the LOGO is also missing. The bamboo bag is designed to be square and square. The bamboo bracelet has become the most conspicuous logo, and there is only a small line of "Made in" on the bag. Italy", and a smaller "Gucci" in a retro font.

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