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What is the difference between Guangzhou leather factory and Shenzhen leather factory

time:2021-10-11 Views:215

There are many large-scale processing plants in Shenzhen. Compared with Guangzhou, the scale is larger and the number of people is larger, especially for the processing of electronic products. Shenzhen has its own unique advantages. But in terms of leather goods, Guangzhou Leather Factory has a greater advantage than Shenzhen Leather Factory. Because Guangzhou has a lot of raw materials for leather goods, there are many leather market, hardware market, textile market and fur market, which greatly facilitates the source of materials in the leather production process, which reduces the cost of leather production. Improved competitiveness.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen have their own advantages in the development of the two places, and they are leading the way in different industries. The Guangzhou Leather Factory and the Shenzhen Leather Factory should also make their own efforts to do their part in making China.

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