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To do a good job in the handbag factory, find your own positioning

time:2021-10-15 Views:108

For any company, it must have its own positioning, and the development of an accurately positioned enterprise is undoubtedly faster. If the handbag processing factory wants to operate well, it also needs to find its own position.

For women's bag processing factories, positioning is a process of pulling out the cocoon. First of all, you must determine whether your positioning is a handbag processing business or a handbag brand business. The positioning of the business model is the basis for all subsequent work. The second is customer positioning. The customers who need to process women's bags and those who buy branded women's bags are obviously different. Then there is product positioning, what level of product is the most suitable for the handbag factory's own conditions. In addition, it also includes some marketing method positioning and so on.

It can be said that positioning runs through the entire process of the operation and development of the handbag factory. The women's bag processing factory without positioning will feel that the road is blurred, and the women's bag processing factory with accurate positioning will definitely have a better future.

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