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To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, have you greeted the customers from the handbag factory?

time:2022-01-18 Views:243

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is about to arrive. The handbag factory, you are in such a busy season, have you greeted your customers and your suppliers?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again. As a handbag factory, although it is very busy, we still have to remember to send beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to our customers and our suppliers. Giving gifts to customers means to thank customers for their continued support to us. As their handbag factory, this is an affirmation and trust from customers for our products and services. The development of Boshen Leather is inseparable from the customers’ support to us. support. Giving gifts to suppliers is to thank them for their friendly cooperation all the time. Boshen Leather expressed its gratitude and sent a special local Mid-Autumn Festival gift package that represents our heart. I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and good health.

The small Mid-Autumn Festival gifts represent a heart, enhance mutual feelings, and make future cooperation more enjoyable.

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