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Several bag types that must be mastered by leather bag processing factories

time:2021-10-18 Views:249

An excellent leather bag processing factory should be good at making various types of leather bags. Pay attention to not only being able to do it, but also being able to do very well. Today I enumerate several bag types, which must be mastered as a professional leather bag processing factory.

The first is a large leather bag. This type of bag seems to have a simple structure, but a knowledgeable leather bag factory knows that the simpler the product, the harder it is to make a flavor. The second is the chain bag, which is a classic in the fashion industry, and many customers will request the leather bag factory to produce it. The third is the clutch. Having an elegant clutch makes women more attractive. The fourth is the backpack. In the last one or two years, the fashion circle has an obvious feeling that the backpack is becoming more and more fashionable and beautiful. Various stars have used the backpack as a bonus for age reduction.

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