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Popular spring and summer accessories that leather goods processing plants must know

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The effect of leather accessories on the improvement of products is very obvious. Today, our leather processing plant continues to share with you the elements of leather accessories that will be popular in 2016, and hope that leather processing plants can master and skillfully use such accessories.

Leather processing factories that have studied the latest products of various international brands should be very clear that the embroidery process has been used to create key leather items in 2015 and 2016. Sweet lace patterns and floral patterns are all over the surface, and abstract and popular art styles are popular. The cultural embroidery patch side is more eclectic. In addition, gorgeous jewelry and leather products are constantly being combined, and the beaded surface is still essential for bags for formal occasions such as parties. Double-sided color sequins and intricate beading are popular decorations for evening bags, and the huge and eye-catching gems are also eye-catching.

  The above two popular accessories clearly express a trend, that is, the integration of traditional classical craftsmanship with precious jewelry and leather products will become closer and closer, which will double the value of the product. This is a key point that every leather processing factory must master. Craft!


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