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Many people ask me what my favorite school supplies are, is it a pencil? Is it an eraser? Or a ruler

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Love schoolbag.
My school bag is rectangular, 29 cm wide, 37 cm high, and 12 cm thick. It is made of cloth. It also has two arc-shaped backs
The upper belt is wide and narrow, which can help me reduce the burden on my shoulders. There is a thin layer of sponge on the back of the bag, which is uneven, which can help my back breathe. My school bag is purple and pink, with a dancing Princess Barbie and a cute little cat on it.
In class, my schoolbag always sits behind me in obscurity, sharing with me the knowledge taught by the teacher; when I do my homework, it is safe
Stay with me quietly, and keep all school supplies after I finish my homework...

Many people ask me what my favorite school supplies are, is it a pencil? Is it an eraser? Or a ruler(图1)Schoolbags are both my good helper and my good manager. One day, I heard it was in a meeting with school supplies, but I heard that the paper sister was sad
Said: "Who broke my right foot?" Before the voice came, Mother Shu said angrily: "Whose exercise book is inserted into my stomach?" At this time, the naughty little rubber did not know where it came from. He jumped out and said nonchalantly: "Where is my home?" Seeing everyone arguing all the time, the schoolbag cleared their throats, and said slowly: "Attention everyone, we are a big family. Get along with each other in harmony. From today on, the paper sister will be in the first room; the book mother and the book baby will be in the second room; the stationery and dictionary will be in the third room. By the way! The water cup is standing at the door and standing guard for everyone." From now on, my stationery will never quarrel again.
Schoolbag, my friend, thank you for being with me-growing up happily!

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