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Leather tips and dry goods are here!

time:2022-01-17 Views:154

Different leather materials have their own unique characteristics. Of course, to make leather goods is to make full use of the advantages of the leather itself to make leather goods better. Below, Guangzhou Leather Factory will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of the following leather materials.

One, Italian grid embossed fine grid leather, this kind of leather generally has six colors, feels good to the touch, fine texture, and looks particularly heavy. 2. Crystal-faced beast-patterned cowhide. It is thicker and firmer, and it feels very elastic. 3. Italian buffalo cowhide, this kind of leather is more sturdy and durable, and the luster of the wallet is particularly gentle and natural. Fourth, the crystal surface lychee pattern cowhide, the leather itself is particularly flexible, the appearance is also very good, the texture is very complete. Fifth, soft cowhide, the appearance is relatively conservative but not rigid, showing maturity and stability.

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