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Leather processing factory enters the Internet + era

time:2021-11-11 Views:111

Many leather goods processing factories have been paying close attention to the Second World Internet Conference for several days. After three days of 10 forums and more than 20 topic discussions, on the afternoon of December 18, the 2nd World Internet Conference officially concluded in Wuzhen, Zhejiang.

At this Internet Conference, more than 2,000 government officials, heads of international institutions, experts, and entrepreneurs from more than 120 countries and regions on five continents discussed global Internet governance, cyber security, Internet and sustainability. Many topics such as development, Internet intellectual property protection, technological innovation, and Internet philosophy were discussed and exchanged. It is believed that with the continuous development of the Internet economy, the results of the conference will gradually have an impact on various enterprises including leather processing factories.

It should be said that the tide of economic Internet + has arrived. Leather processing factories have always been a more traditional approach. Under the new economic situation, leather processing factories must be more proactive and courageous in responding to changes, making good use of the Internet as a tool to enter the enterprise Develop a new era.

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