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Leather bag processing factory looks at New York Fashion Week: beam-mouth handbags are very popular

time:2021-10-14 Views:278

I believe that leather bag processing factories will not be unfamiliar to the beam mouth element, but the very brilliant beam mouth element is rare. After watching the 2017 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week, I was suddenly surprised that this year's zip-and-mouth handbags will be a big trend. It's a bit similar to the evolution of bucket bags. It just adds a lot of fresh elements, whether it is large capacity or The Mini size is very suitable for urban women, simple and elegant, there is no lack of personality propositions.

The key word that I emphasized yesterday was wide shoulder straps. What I shared today is a hand-wrapped handbag. Does the leather bag factory agree with it? If you think it's good, hurry up and use it in your own leather bag development.

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