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Leather bag factory: The most difficult thing is not to tease girls and men, but to tease customers

time:2021-10-19 Views:190

The Korean TV series "Descendants of the Sun" brought the topic of sexing to a climax. Maybe many leather bag factory managers have not watched this TV: Yes, leather bag processing is so hard, how can I have time to watch TV? In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. Why can't leather bag processing factories seduce customers like snickers?

The spurring customers here is not a derogatory term, and it does not mean running a train full of sweet words. Instead, it uses a relaxed and youthful way to deal with customers. Many leather bag processing factories feel that making leather bags is too hard and accelerates the aging of the human body. In fact, aging is the state of mind, which becomes a solid state of mind over time. So change your mindset. It’s always like adolescents who are full of passion and treat customers as the objects of love. As for how to do it, everyone has experience.

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