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Introduction to my schoolbag

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My school bag is very big and square. Very shabby. It is a double-shoulder strap, it will not make me very difficult to carry it on my back; its color is bright red
Yes, there is a cartoon pattern on the front, which is very eye-catching; it is not only beautiful, but also fully functional. There are more than a dozen pockets inside and out, each with its own purpose.
Every morning, I carry my schoolbag and come to school with questions, listening to teachers imparting knowledge and answering questions. Every afternoon, I carry my schoolbag and put

Introduction to my schoolbag(图1)Take home the harvest of the day. The bag is getting heavier and heavier, and my shoulders are getting harder and harder. Gradually, more and more knowledge in my mind. Teacher, I want to thank you for teaching me; schoolbag, I also thank you for helping me carry so much knowledge.
Grandparents said that they didn't have schoolbags when they were young, so they just wrapped the book with a piece of cloth and went to school. So they said that they learned what they learned. Mom and Dad
Mom said that they had school bags when they were young. They were just school bags surrounded by four pieces of cloth and stitched together. They were not big, so they said they didn't learn much. Grandpa, grandma, mom and dad looked at my schoolbag. Wow! There are so many books and so many pockets in it. They are all full. No wonder there are so many things to know. However, I know that the profession is good at diligence and wasteful at play. Even if I have this good partner, if I am lazy and do not work hard, the knowledge in my schoolbag will not become the knowledge I own.
The schoolbag is loaded with seeds of knowledge. Seeds are sown in our minds and in our hearts. I must make the knowledge fruitful
The fruit is dedicated to mom and dad, to my beloved teacher, to my beloved motherland, and to the schoolbag that has been with me for many years.

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