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I bought my schoolbag

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I bought my schoolbag when I went to the mall with my family a year ago. The shape of my school bag is very rectangular, not too big. Its height is 35 centimetres
M; width is 26 cm; side width is 15 cm. It is a double-shoulder strap, and carrying it on my back will not make me very strenuous, nor will I raise my shoulders. Its color is dark pink, and it has 3 brothers from the front. The most special one is the third. The third child is in the shape of a big love heart. On the surface of the big love heart, there are cartoon patterns of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, which are very eye-catching.
My school bag is not only beautiful, but also fully functional. There are 8 pockets inside and out, each with its own purpose.
The third child is a big love heart, mainly responsible for the storage of some small books and red scarves. The second child is responsible for pretending to be pretentious
Workbooks for professional use, such as copybooks, family dictation books, etc. The boss is the richest, not only on its own floor, but also contains 3 small layers, a rigid board is separated from it, and there is a layer of gauze at the end, which has an extra layer.
The first child of the elder is mainly responsible for keeping a green pencil case and homework done at night, so that it can be handed in the next morning.
Industry. The second child of the elder is responsible for keeping the books I want to use in class, Chinese, mathematics, English tutorial books and synchronous exercise books, such as course exploration, activity manuals, etc. The third child is responsible for keeping some extracurricular books or learning materials.
And it has small pockets on both sides, one side is a mesh bag, and the other is a cloth bag. The net bag is my light blue small folding umbrella; the cloth bag is my small
For the kettle.
So many things are put in this schoolbag, how hard the schoolbag is! But it never complains, silently accompanies me! Schoolbag, I thank you
You helped me carry so much knowledge!

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