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How to maintain the leather bag?

time:2022-01-12 Views:128

It is said that the bag can "cure all diseases", but once the bag is used for a long time, it will have its own problems. It is inevitable that there will be various stains on the bag, which instantly makes the bag drop several grades! How to maintain the leather bag? Leather goods processing factory teaches you how to take care of leather goods!

One: The leather goods processing factory recommends that you do not take the brand-name bags to the dry cleaners for cleaning and maintenance. Do not use shoe polish for maintenance, you must choose professional products for maintenance. Two: It should be used to wipe the bag with leather maintenance liquid. Different leathers have different maintenance liquids. You can wipe the bottom of the bag before all-inclusive care to check whether it is useful. Three: When the leather is suede, use a soft animal hair brush to remove it, and be sure to wipe it gently. Too much force will whiten the leather and leave marks. Four: If the leather has cracks, you can use a cloth to moisten it with a little special grease, and then wipe it gently. Five: If there are stains on the leather, and the leather bag is marked by a ballpoint pen, you can wipe it with nail polish remover or air oil, and then use a dry paper towel to wipe off the water on the leather bag. But for leather bags, remember to dry the water, otherwise the handwriting will be removed and the bag will turn yellow~!

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