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How to Clean Your EVA Case

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How to Clean Your EVA Case(图1)

Storage bags and cases are indispensable supplies for people's work and life, while EVA case is one kind of them that is often used in daily life.However, due to the lack of understanding of EVA materials, some people will encounter such problems when using EVA case: What should I do if EVA case gets dirty? Can I wash it with water like some other things?

In fact, EVA case can be cleaned. Although its main material is not cloth, EVA material is anticorrosive and waterproof to some extent.If dirty is not too serious, it can be cleaned well. After washing with water, let it dry in a cool, ventilated place or with a dryer.

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However, there are some issues you need to note during the cleaning process.For example, do not use brush or other sharp hard tools, because that will make flannelette, PU or any other outer material damage or have scratches, over time it will affect the appearance of EVA case.

In addition, it is better to wipe EVA case with towel that dipped with wash liquid, in that way cleaning is best.If the cloth and EVA material used in your EVA storage bag are relatively high quality and reach a certain thickness, there would be no damage after you wash it.

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EightZero Monkey Company’s EVA case is made by high quality EVA material, which is eco-friendly and recyclable, it is easy to be cleaned if with some dirty. With durable and fashion styles, our EVA case is favored by many customers. Welcome to contact us to custom your own EVA case.  

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