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Have you tried multi-color hardware for handbags?

time:2021-11-16 Views:122

The general handbag factory always pursues the uniformity of the hardware color of the handbags when producing handbags. In this way, the coordination of handbags is enhanced, and secondly, it is more conducive to production control. But did you know? In fact, the multi-color hardware matching method on the handbag is also very fashionable!

The FURLA brand should be familiar to most handbag factories. His 2015 autumn and winter series focuses on the use of a variety of metal accessories, the combination of colors and geometric graphics, showing the brand's continuous exploration of the production process and strict requirements. The newly launched Diana series has made a fuss about metal fasteners. Each bag uses metal accessories in more than three colors to light up the overall style. The shiny silver Diana bag is the first choice for this season's autumn and winter. With the embellishment of royal blue metal decoration, there is a bright sense of color in the handsome.

  It can be seen that the superb multi-color hardware matching method can also make the handbags more beautiful and eye-catching, and the metal texture more effectively enhances the sense of fashion. Such creativity is worth learning from the handbag factory!


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