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Do you know these high-end zipper brands

time:2022-01-14 Views:217

A high-end bag must have high-end accessories, the most indispensable is the bag zipper, which controls the lifeblood of the entire bag. Today, Guangzhou Handbag Factory will give you a few good zipper brands for Amway.

Speaking of zippers, the most familiar zipper brand is YKK, but there are several good zipper brands that may not be familiar to everyone. For example, RIRI zippers from Switzerland, most of their metal zippers are made of copper, and the workmanship, feel and precision of the zippers are very high-grade. The lampo zipper is also a high-end brand zipper, many international clothing brands often use lampo brand zipper. The third is the Talon zipper. The HF of the Talon zipper that has always been used has made people pay more and more attention to this zipper brand. Finally, IDEAL zipper, Levi's, CK, boss, Y-3 and many other brands use this zipper, which belongs to the high-end and high-end zipper.

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