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Can children really improve IQ by playing with EVA toys?

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Can children really improve their IQ by playing with EVA toys? As the saying goes, "ingenious", does the operating ability really have anything to do with the level of IQ? Does it make sense to need children to do more if they want to be smart? How does letting children do more to help them become smart? We know that the connection between the hand and the brain is very close. It is really scientifically proven that children with strong maneuverability are smarter.

Benefit 1: Promote the development trend of brain motor center

The brain is the highest level part of the nervous system and a key part of the brain. When we want to do anything, the key depends on the regulation of the nervous system. Training a child's hand posture from an early age can promote the development trend of the corresponding part of the brain, and the development trend of the brain motor area nerves promotes the flexibility of the hand, and the two promote each other

Benefit 2: Promote the development trend of memory and thinking ability

Flexible hand posture can promote the development trend of people's memory and thinking ability. Postural memory is the least likely to be forgotten. Many people know that once they learn a certain sport, it becomes a readily available skill. For example: driving, cycling, playing ball, etc. Therefore, training operational skills from an early age can help babies improve their memory.

Benefit 3: Build self-confidence and cultivate strong will

Before a child is 5 years old, the key source of self-confidence is the control of the limbs and the size of the body. Children with flexible hands are more dominant in life and study. Children with flexible hand postures will not easily deny themselves when they are frustrated. The stronger the child’s ability to set goals, control actions, and overcome difficulties.

Operational ability is so important, how can we gradually improve the flexibility of children's hands? In fact, many toys in our daily life can do this. Moms only need to understand the functions of toys and make good use of them, so that babies can naturally improve their hand flexibility during play.

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